Trade Name Coleus
Common Name Forskohlii
Botanical Name Plectranthus barbatus
Family Lamiaceae
Synonyms Indian coleus, Garmar
Part used Root tubers
Product nature Dry Coleus Forskohlii


Coleus forskohlii plays a major role in stimulating cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and other biological activities, and further exhibits some anti-bacterial property. This monophosphate acts as the second messenger for intracellular signal transduction and regulates the number of enzymes, hormones, and other biological activities. Thus, this drug helps in regulating the body’s thermogenic response to food, body’s basal metabolic rate, and increasing the utilisation of body fat.

The herb has also shown the ability to reduce ocular pressure and aid in the treatment of glaucoma. Dry coleus forskohlii further controls the release of histamines which trigger allergies, and relax the smooth tissues of the muscle, thus, aiding in the treatment of allergic respiratory conditions such as asthma. It controls high blood pressure by strengthening the walls of the heart and blood vessels, and is also recommended as a nutritional supplement for boosting the male hormone testosterone.

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