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As we are in the herbal sourcing field for past 20 Years, we are specialized in sourcing/distribution of  all herbal raw material and herbal extract. We are focus on sourcing Organic material directly from the Farmers or From Farmers cooperative society and offer your at competitive price. 

We do consultancy for agriculture projects based on the current demand.



We specialize in export of various raw material to EU and China




  • To sustainable use of resources and conserve biodiversity we optimised use of agriculture resources  by implementing our state of art technologies.
  • We educate our farmers and we learn the from them local knowledges which will be utilized to get more productivity
  • We ventured into contract cultivation of medicinal herbs a decade ago. From few acres to 500 of acres of contract cultivation in various medicinal herbs around South India.
  • We encourage our farmers to adapt Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and assure our farmer to get Maximum price for their products.

Cassia angustifolia cultivation in tamilnadu


Senna Seeds

Good quality seeds are selected based on Germination % (>70%) and given to farmers for sowing


New buds

Within 8 to 10 DAS Senna will germinate once monsoon starts.


Vegetative stage

Stage where more accumulation of Sennosides happen. Right stage to harvest the leaves.


Reproductive stage

Full blooming will yield pods for propagation and demand for pods for sennosides are growing rapidly.



Harvest by plucking the leaves/or cutting the aerial parts, drying, grading and Packing as per customer requirement