Common Name Senna
Other Name Senna
Botanical Name Cassia angustifolia Vahl
Plant Family Caesalpiniaceae
Synonyms Cassia senna Linn
Part used Dried Leaflets, pods, stem
Primary uses Constipation, Jaundice, Worms
Secondary uses Acne, Breath/order, Obesity, Skin disease, Colic


We are largest exporter manufacturer and supplier of Senna leaves, Senna Pods and Senna Leaves and Pods Powder to all over the world. The world is always looking for alternative medicine and products of natural origin continue to dominate. The great gift of nature to the mankind.

A major part of senna is exported in the form of leaves, pods and leaves and pods powder which is used in medicines. Germany, Japan, Netherland, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Egypt, Belgium are the main market for exporting and supplying senna leaves and pods.

Our cultivation process:
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