Trade Name Gloriosa
Common Name Kanvali Kilangu(Tamil), flame lily, fire lily, gloriosa lily, glory lily, superb lily, climbing lily, creeping lily, Agnimukhi etc/td>
Botanical Name Gloriosa superba Linn
Family Colchicaceae
Synonyms Physalis somnifera L
Part used Seeds and tubers
Product nature Seeds


Gloriosa superba which is also known as Flame lily is a tuberous herb, which is spread widely in tropical Asia. The medicinal value of Gloriosa superba lies in its abundantly available Colchicine that yields a stable physiological act on humans. Colchicine, present in the seeds and tuberous root of Gloriosa superba is used for the remedial actions of sprains, bruises, colic, hemorrhoids, chronic ulcers, cancer, nocturnal seminal emission, leprosy and impotence. This plant has gained the importance in medicine in recent years for the production of colchicines and Thiocolchicosides in large scale.

One of the very important exported medicinal plants of India that has become endangered within a very short span of the last 50 years is Gloriosa superba L., the codified systems of Indian medicine as well as in folk and tribal medicine

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