Trade Name Hadjod, Veld grape, Perandi
Common Name Veld grape, Edible Stemmed Vine
Botanical Name Cissus quadrangularis Linn.
Family Vitaceae
Synonyms Vitis quadrangularis (L.) Wall. ex Wight
Part used In ayurvedic proprietary medicine dried stem of veld grape is used
Product nature High quality Dried or Dehydrated stem of Veld grape- Hadjod- Perandi- Cissus quadrangularis


The Veld grape is a creeper with simple leaves (whole leaf). The leaves are simple or lobed, heart-shaped, broadly ovoid or kidney-shaped, serrated, toothed, sometimes 3-leaf and glabrous.

The stems are light yellow, greenish, bifurcated, near horns, glabrous, fibrous, and smooth. The main chemical components are present in all parts of the stem. In traditional medicine, Cissus quadrangularis stem is used as a bone fixator to treat fractured bones and bone remineralization.

It has excellent anti-osteoporosis activity, osteoblast activity and high mineralization rate. The stems of Veld grapes contain a lot of calcium, and supplements are used in the case of calcium deficiency.

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